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Albert Kaan lives and works in Bucharest. Born in 1993, he graduated from the Sculpture Department at the National University of Arts in Bucharest in 2016. His artistic discourse is strongly related with his urban experiences. He combines industrial materials, such as iron and tar with the more traditional modelling clay, plaster or charcoal to create spatial structures of generous sizes that can be as well exhibited outdoor, in gardens and parks or indoor, in white-cube or industrial spaces. He also mixes sounds and video-projections with industrial structures, creating spectacular effects in live performances. He is interested in ecology, urban culture, music and, as any young artist from the new generation, dreams of a better and healthier world.

As a young artist he explores out of the ordinary mental and sensory experiences and transfers them into matter. More than being shortly lived, his artworks are projected, planned, imagined and transformed into solid, permanent structures.

Just as a photograph immortalizes moments, the metal networks built up by the artist preserve pieces of his thoughts and the memory of older memories. Through formal reduction and simplified geometry, he extracts the essential out of the sensory chaos.

The mixture of metal with light and colour transforms classical media in post-Conceptual ideas, while intention and process to eternize multisensory experiences in only one image, as in photography, amplifies the polymorphic meaning of his objects-instances.

Albert Kaan combines media in such a way that he takes a distance from tradition, that can easily confine such a historical discipline. He welds, paints and assembles various materials, using formal rigors concerning rhythm, movement and the ephemeral.

His first solo show presented at 418 Gallery have a site-specific dimension, the artist being influenced by the space of the barn from Cetate, where he integrated his vision along with the technical possiblities of the given environment. Being interested in installation as practice in post-War art history, Albert Kaan claims his inspirational sources from Dan Flavin or James Turrell, without becoming formal burdens, only guiding practices in certain technical aspects. Claire Bishop considered that installation “addresses the viewer directly as a literal presence in the space”. The exhibition Form Vibration – Time Illusion is situated in the mid-point between site-specific installation and a display of serial artifacts, and relies on the effect that space and light have upon objects, sound and shapes.

In the summer of 2017, he has been part of the 10th Edition of Cetate Arts Danube Artist-in-Residence program, together with Petrica Stefan, Stefan Radu Cretu, Constantin Luser, Ignazio Mortellaro and Stefan Papco.




Form Vibration/Time Illusion, 418 Gallery, Cetate



Quasi Vernissage, Cazul101, Bucharest


Creator and designers Night, Universivery of Arhitecture Ion Mincu, Bucharest

In serie – NAG, TOT, Bucharest

4 Artists’ Room, 418 Gallery, Cetate

Diploma Selected, Romanian Design Week, Mezanin, Bucharest


An Abstract Feeling – Young Romanian Artists, 418 Gallery, Bucharest

Diploma Selected, Stirbey Palace, Bucharest

New Artists – Hanul Gabroveni, Arcub, Bucharest

Amural Festival, Brasov

Summer Well Festival, Stirbey Estate, Bucharest

Adamclisi Arts Archeology, Adamclisi

Expo Circuit: Hanul Gabroveni, Bucharest; Multicultural Center of Transilvanya University, Brasov; Museum of Universal Etnography, Franz Binder, C.N.M., Astra, Sibiu; Urania Palace, Cluj – Napoca; Ambasada, Timisoara

The New Creative Class 1. Albert Kaan & Mihai Popescu, Tipografia Gallery, Bucharest

Muse, Danaida, Craftsmanship, Cumintenii, Romanian National Library, Bucharest

Shape, Questions and Answers II, Timisoara West University’s Sculpture Department


Metha – Lan III, The irreversible passage of time, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest


Metha – Lan II, Human interconnection, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest


Sutu Palace, Bucharest


Look and Learn, Tonitza Highschool Exchange, London



Cetate Arts Danube – Artists in Residency, Stefan Radu Cretu, Albert Kaan, Constantin Luser, Ignazio Mortellaro, Stefan Papco, Petrica Stefan, Cetate Arts Danube Center, Cetate, Romania