Mihai Cosuletu

Faithtankers & Battleships, 2018, charcoal and pastel on paper, 104 x 360 cm

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Mihai Coșulețu (b. 1982, Brasov) is a Romanian painter, designer and installation artist. He started a massive project which engulfed all of his creative production over a decade ago. He meant to imagine, project, design and simulate a new world, a parallel and better one, starting with an ideal city and slowly growing it to an ideal world. Like any utopia it had sound and understandable reasons to begin with but as it amplified and grew it began to shift towards a nightmare. Carefully planned, every inch of the city was meticulously assigned, nothing random placed or designed. It ended up as a perfect illustration of a world without freedom.

As the creative director of the Humanitas Publishing House in Bucharest he has been involved in several book illustration projects, such as: 2021, Divina Comedie pentru copii, illustration and cover, 2020, Arcașul fără arc, illustration and cover/Prevestirea, illustration and cover, 2017 Micul prinț, illustration and cover, 2017 Aristofan. Trei comedii, illustration and cover, 2016 Trei sute de ceauşeşti liliputani, illustration and cover, 2015 Platon. Dialoguri socratice, illustration and cover, 2015 Pisicoteca practică a lu’ Moș Pârșu, illustration and cover, 2014 Civilizaţii şi tipare istorice, illustration, 2013 Cele mai frumoase povestiri din Biblie, illustration and cover, 2012 Iliada, illustration and cover, 2012 Intelectuali la cratiţă, illustration and cover.

2007 – Master in Fine Arts, Painting Dept. National University of Arts, Bucharest
2005 – Bachelor in Fine Arts, Painting Dept. National University of Arts, Bucharest


Florean Art Museum, Baia Mare, Romania
Luciano Benetton Art Collection, Italy
Private collections from Romania (Bucharest, Brașov, Sibiu, etc.), Belgium, Italy, France, Germany.


Illustrated books in Romanian:
2022 Cartea orașelor, Humanitas, Bucharest
2021 The Divine Comedy illustrated for children, Humanitas, Bucharest
2020 Arcașul fără arc, Humanitas, Bucharest
2020 Ioana Pârvulescu, Prevestirea, Humanitas, Bucharest
2019 Herodotus, The Histories, Humanitas, Bucharest
2018 Ioana Pârvulescu, Secret Dialogues, Humanitas, Bucharest
2018 Aristophanes, Three Comedies, Humanitas, Bucharest
2018 Plato, Socratic Dialogues, Humanitas, Bucharest
2017 Antoine de Saint-Exupery , The Little Prince, Humanitas, Bucharest
2016 Vladimir Tismăneanu, Ciprian Măceșaru, Trei sute de ceauşeşti liliputani, Humanitas, Bucharest
2014 Pisicoteca practică a lu’ Moș Pârșu răsădită în sol autohton de Florin Bican, Humanitas, Bucharest
2014 Neagu Djuvara, Historical Civilisations and Patterns, Humanitas, Bucharest
2013 The Most Beautiful Tales from the Bible, Humanitas, Bucharest
2012 Homer, Illiad, Humanitas, Bucharest
2012 Intellectuals around the stirring pot, Humanitas, Bucharest
Exhibition catalogues
2015 MOOON, Vellant, Bucharest
2014 Snapshot Romania, Luciano Benetton Collection, Fabrica, Italy
2012 The Greater Good, Art Yourself, Bucharest



2021 The Great Indoors, La Cave, Institut Francais de Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2016 Situri | Sites, Aiurart Contemporary Art Space, Bucharest
2014 Unrevealed Monuments, Galeria 26, Bucharest
2012 The Greater Good, Art Yourself Gallery, Bucharest
2010 Mad Pets & Englishmen, Atelier 030202, Bucharest
2007 Magazia căpitanului, UNAgaleria, Bucharest



Mielu Alb strikes with Peace, former pastry shop Mielul Alb, Sibiu, Romania


Cetate Arts Danube. Blue Coated Summer, ARCUB, Bucharest
Cetate Arts Danube. Young Artists, Young Friends. Accrochage III, Joana Grevers Foundation, Cetate, Romania
Young Artists, Young Friends. Accrochage II, 418 Gallery, Munich


Young Artists, Young Friends. Accrochage I, 418 Gallery, Munich
Quick Fix, #NAG14, alături de Ștefan Radu Crețu, Lavinia Crețu, Albert Kaan, Kristina Rațiu, Petrică Ștefan, Miki Velciov, Simona Vilău, Sibiu, Romania
“Site“, 2018-2020, Cetate Arts Danube Sculpture Park, Joana Grevers Foundation, Cetate, Romania
Exhibition design for Eroi fără glorie, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and CNSAS, coordinator Germina Nagâț, Senate Foyer, Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest


Șampanie în spațiu la Mielu Alb, #NAG13, together with Dan Perjovschi, Ștefan Radu Crețu, Lavinia Crețu, Albert Kaan, Kristina Rațiu, Petrică Ștefan, Sibiu, Romania


Ego Notes, #NAG12, together with Ștefan Radu Crețu, Lavinia Crețu, Kristina Rațiu, Simona Vilău, Mihai Zgondoiu, Sibiu, Romania
Declined Realities, Fundația Culturală Ilfoveanu, Pitești, Romania
Metropolis Sancta, 1001arte, Bucharest


Bucharest. Our History About the Others, Rezidența Scena9, Bucharest
Peisaj cosmic, Atelier 030202, Bucharest
NAG Retrospect. Memory Leaks, ARCUB, Bucharest


Art Encounters, Cazarma U, Inner Objects in Outer Spaces, Timișoara, Romania
RED, Art Yourself Gallery, Bucharest


“11 exhibitions at Art Yourself Gallery”, Bucharest
MOOON, Aiurart Contemporary Art Space, Bucharest


Escapes. Colony, Endocosmos, Ulysses, Unsent Postcards, Casa Museu Guerra Junquiero, Porto, Portugal


Fur & Skin, Art Yourself Gallery, Bucharest
silenceKILLS, Art Yourself Gallery, Bucharest
Figure In. Figure Out, LC Foundation, Bucharest
How was it possible?, Romanian Peasant Museum, Bucharest


Atelier în tranziție II, Edgar Quinet Space, Bucharest


La Funk La Freak, Galleria Comunale di Torre Civica di Mestre, Italia
Biennale d’Arti dell’Unita d’Italia, Caserta, Italy
Miniature Biennial of Gornji Milanovac, 9th Edition, Drawing Section, Serbia
Mitologie temporanee, Galleria Aripa, Turin


Tour(s) de France, NIT Gallery, Bucharest