Triandra | Miki Velciov

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A graduate of the Painting Department of the Faculty of Arts and Design – University of the West of Timisoara, Miki Velciov is known for his research about the interference between painting, object, installation, video and land art. At the thematic level, he started by studying the primordial elements of nature, such as earth, water, air, fire, making a fine x-ray of the more or less visible layers of reality. Thus, in the works Rooting (2013), 1m cube of life (2015), or In Terra Pax (2016), the artist reveals the dimension of life’s hazard, starting from so-called unimportant creatures, such as insects or plants, by observing the balanced way in which they organize their lives in relation to the resources from which they support their existence. Velciov goes even further, problematizing the socio-political dimension of the organizational systems that man creates, which eventually end up destroying the natural balance in relation to nature, especially the excessive exploitation of resources, or the pollution, which lead to habitat destruction. and to the phenomenon of migration. Starting with the series of works Big Brother (2014) and Oculus (2016, 2015), the artist became concerned about the ubiquity of surveillance systems as a form of over-control typical of totalitarian societies, at which point he began to work in anamorphic technique. In installations with a privileged point of view, such as Triandra (2019), Turgidum (2018), Temporary restraint (2016), Shock wave (2016), Oculus (2015) Oculus Dominus (2014), Velcov presents the illusion of absolute control and the impossibility of utopian perfection of these systems. Nicolae Velciov has participated in numerous festivals, residencies and contemporary art exhibitions, such as Méricourt, France (2019), Ad Ognuno a SuaP’Arte, Villatalla, Italy (2019), ArtDanube, Cetate (2019), Adata Air, Plovdiv (2018), DanubeDialogue, Novi Sad (2018). In 2014, he co-founded Avantpost, a platform that promotes artists from Timisoara, Romania.



The scientific dimension of art: Turgidum – a metaphor for the grains | Mihaela Ghita, Radio Romania Cultural, October 2019


Méricourt, 2019, France
Ad Ognuno a SuaP’Arte, Villatalla, 2019, Italy
Fundația Hertzeg, Gărâna, 2019, Romania
Cetate Arts Danube – Artists in Residency, 2019, Cetate Arts Danube Center, Cetate, Romania
Cetate Arts Danube – Artists in Residency, 2018, Cetate Arts Danube Center, Cetate, Romania
ADATA AIR, Plovdiv 2019, Capitală Culturală Europeană, 2018, Bulgaria
Bulgarisches Kultur Institut Berlin, 2017, Germany
What Are the Grasses Hiding, Rusenski Lom Natural Park. Nisovo, 2016, Bulgaria
Arsenal. Process Space Art Festival, Russe, 2016, Bulgaria
Entities at the Crossroads Artforum, Bahnhof Langmeil, 2015, Germany
Land Art, Ghelari, Hunedoara, 2014, Romania
Maudite soit la guerre, Méricourt, 2013, France
Aradul văzut de artiști, Arad, 2013, Romania
Lipova, 2013, Romania




Spectrum, Art Museum, Timișoara, Romania


Epicentru, Art Museum, Arad, Romania



Transborder. Ecouri Europene Consulart / Double Exhibition România – Serbia, Asociația Diplomatic Art & Timișoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture, Parcul Gheorghe Doja Timișoara, Romania


In Vitro Veritas / Avantpost Exhibition & Timișoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture, Gara de Nord, Timișoara, Romania


Danube Art Festival: Timișoara – Novi Sad 2021 European Capital of Culture, Galeria Mamuzić Gift Collection Novi Sad, Serbia

2018 – 20

Galeria Helios, Timișoara, Romania


Universallowed, Avantpost Exhibition, Fabrica de Baterii, Timișoara, Romania


Hidden Agenda. In memoriam Sorin Oncu, Avantpost Exhibition, The Temporary Museum of Contemporary Art, Timișoara & Rezidența Scena 9 / NAG Bucharest, Romania

Unseen. Celebrating DADA, Avantpost Exhibition, Galeria Helios, Timișoara, Romania


Becoming Connected, Avantpost Exhibition/Bienala de Artă Contemporană Art Encounters, Memorialul Revoluției, Timișoara, Romania

Desenul din atelier. Bienala de grafică, Facultatea de Arte și Design, Universitatea de Vest, Timișoara

Beyond the Silence, Expoziție Avantpost, Muzeul Banatului, Timișoara

Heimat an derkreuzung, Bulgarisches Kultur Institut Berlin, Germania

Rodina na krastopat, Wittgenstein Haus – Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut Viena, Austria


The Vanishing Point, Avantpost Exhibition, Halele Timco, Timișoara

Diplomatic Art, Business Center, Timișoara

Diptyque, Galeria Calpe, Timișoara

Bulharski Culturny Institut, Bratislava, Slovacia


So Close, So Far, National Gallery For Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

Concav, convex, Concursul Juventus, Galeria Triade, Timișoara