Vincentiu Grigorescu

Geometrie Casuali I, 1973-1975, oil on canvas, 70×70 cm

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Vincentiu Grigorescu (1923 – 2012) studied architecture and arts in Bucharest. In the late 40s he dedicated himself to graphic design – he was one of the top creators of postal stamps of that time. Later, through his constant struggle to free himself from the impositions of Socialist Realism he became inclined towards geometrical expression and abstraction.

In 1972, after some exhibitions abroad, he asked for political asylum in Italy,
where he went on to live and work for 40 years in Milan and Castelnuovo Magra (Liguria). He never returned to Romania. In the 70s and 80s, Vincentiu Grigorescu maintained a close collaboration with gallery-owner Zita Vismara in Milan, who organized his most important exhibitions of that period. He also had a great solo show in 1975 at Galleria d’Arte Moderna (GAM), in Turin, curated by Angelo Dragone. He was continuously acknowledged by famous art critics, such as Gillo Dorfles, Alberto Veca, Angelo Dragone, Ottorino Villatora and Marzia Ratti, director of CAMeC, La Spezia (Italy).

His collaboration with Marzia Ratti during the last two decades placed him in the realm of Italian Abstraction and he became conceptually aligned to great names, such as Alberto Burri, Enrico Castellani, Lucio Fontana and Piero Manzoni. His works/interventions on canvas and the material of painting situate him alongside the “triad” Manzoni-Castellani-Bonalumi. After his death in 2012, his works were included that same year in the exhibition “superfici sensibili – dialoghi con il supporto”, curated by Marzia Ratti at CAMeC, La Spezia, featuring a selection of famous Italian modern and contemporary artists.

MNAR (National Museum of Art), Bucharest, MNAC (Contemporary Art Museum), Bucharest, GAM (Galleria d’Arte Moderna), Torino, CAMeC (Centro d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea della Spezia), La Spezia, MARe (Muzeul de Arta Recenta), Bucharest

E.G.Robinson, W. Rogers, F. Shakespeare, F. von Thyssen, M. Pierborg, S. Brody, L. Pomini, P. Capitini, F. Wojda and others

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Geometrie Casuali
418 Gallery, Munich

Le grande tele
418 Gallery, Cetate, RO

Strati | Layers
Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Bucharest

Le tele II
418 Gallery, Bucharest

Le tele I
418 Gallery, Bucharest

Vincentiu Grigorescu
Unicredit Project Expozitei F1 in collaboration with 418 Gallery, Bucharest

Vincentiu Grigorescu
Galleria Xenia of Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Budapest, HUN

La Scoperta del Colore | Ultime Opere
Spazio Espositivo Liceo Artistico Statale della Spezia, Palazzo Comunale di Castelnuovo Magra, IT

Generazione anni Venti
Castello di San Giorgio della Spezia, IT

Works 1967-2001
Centro S. Allende della Spezia and Castello Doria di Porto Venere, IT

Solo show
Galleria Arte Contemporanea, Lugano,

Solo show
Galleria San Marco, Seregno – Milan, IT

Vincentiu Grigorescu
Curated by Alberto Veca, Vismara Arte Contemporanea, Milan, IT

Solo show
Curated by Gillo Dorfles, Vismara Arte Contemporanea, Milan, IT

Solo show
Curated by Angelo Dragone, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Turin, IT

Solo show
Studio A, Milan, IT

Solo show
Brussels, BEL

Other solo exhibitions before leaving Romania (1972)
Bucharest, Dusseldorf, Ala, Uppsala, New York, Lingkoping, Milan, Copenhagen, Biella, Bologna, Bruxelles


418GALLERY, Munich

Worlds on Paper
418GALLERY, Munich

418 Gallery, Cetate – RO

9 Years of Art | 9 Romanian Artists
418 Gallery, Bucharest

Structure & Energy II | The Power of Abstraction
418 Gallery, Bucharest

Structure & Energy I | The Need for Abstraction
418 Gallery, Bucharest

Superfici Sensibili | Dialogo con il supporto
Alberto Burri, Enrico Castellani, Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni
Curated by Marzia Ratti, CAMEC della Spezia, IT

Other group exhibitions
Rome, Milan, Turin, London, Geneva, Mexico, Moscow, Beijing, Warsaw, Prague, Paris, New Delhi, Montreal, Quebec, Bagdad, Sofia, Havana